Thursday, August 25, 2005 / Bill O'Reilly / Cindy Sheehan has a new video with Cindy Sheehan. It contains an audio clip with many voices including Bill O'Reilly saying the word "treasonous". In all fairness to Bill O'Reilly, I believe his words were used out of context. I am calling for the makers of this video to post the full transcript?

Sami Habbas & Chase Bank

Sami Habbas, an American who served in the US armed forces, recently received a credit card solicitation from Chase which addressed him as "Dear Mr. Palestinian Bomber". (Fox News, "Fox and Friends" 8/25/2005 7am)

My viewpoint: I am sure he likely filled out a survey or information request of some type calling himself that.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Government and the Middle Class

Thom Hartmann wrote an article Democracy - Not "The Free Market" - Will Save America's Middle Class to which I have commented to on News Hound Forum.

Hartmann's article indicates that government regulations create the middle class. He

In my comments, I state the author, Thom Hartman, has not made strong arguements to his statements.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Northwest Airlines Strike, But I Have Good News!

Northwest Airlines mechanics have been having trouble for many months. This affected a close friend of mine. He took a severance package knowing that if he had kept his job, he might not have a guaranteed chance of being able to keep it. As it has played out, the mechanics are now on strike. Fortunately, I have good news! My friend's wife worked hard building a homebased network marketing business and the family's financial scenario still looks good.

Brian Lathe

Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Amway Convention", says Hyatte couple (TN Fugivites) to cab driver.

Tennessee fugitives Jennifer & George Hyatte said they were Amway distributors headed to an Amway convention to cab driver Mike Wagers.

Amway has not been using the name "Amway" in North America for several years. They have been using the name Quixtar.

Brian Lathe

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Allah or Jesus? I disagree with for the first time!

When people send me emails, I generally check or to verify whether they are true or false. I recently received an email from a friend similar to the one found at, I could not find comment on this topic on usually does a good job of showing whether a passed email is true or false. However, in this case, they go on to discussing more about Islam and even go on to point of showing the same piece written with an anti-Christian viewpoint, by taking specific Bible verses way out of context. This is wrong.

While I have not seen any popular Christian leader condone the killing of anyone, we have many cases in recent history of Islamic Imam's condoning the killing of non-Muslims.

Senator Bill Frist and Federal Funding of Stem Cell Research

Senator Bill Frist
Tennessee Senator Bill Frist is the Senator Majority Leader. Along with being a Republican politician, he is also a transplant surgeon. On August 1st, Mr. Frist stated he is for federal funding of stem cells, a stand that separates himself from President George W. Bush.

I personally am against federal funding of stem cell research for two reasons. Let me be extra clear on something. I am not against stem cell research. Neither is President George W. Bush and many other conservatives. There is a huge difference between stem cell research and federal funding of stem cell research.

Reason number one is a basic idea of why should the government solve all of society's problems? The government was designed to serve certain purposes. Why do we keep adding purposes to this list? Stem cell research can be done without federal funding. If you like stem cell research, find a way to fund it yourself. Do not ask the government to do it for you. Also, why should the U.S. government fund something that may only bring huge profits to the private sector some day.

Reason number two is a personal belief I have related to health and the treatment of disease. In choosing a controversial topic for my Ethics paper, I chose to write on the topic of Stem Cell Research. I had to discuss the pros and cons of the research and provide positive ways to continue the debate. The goal of the paper was not to talk about my thoughts alone, but to provide an objective look at both sides. I am for stem cell research. I believe we may find some very interesting things in studying them. Let's assume we can cure a variety of diseases through new technologies created through stem cell research. That would be a wonderfully great thing. I believe, however, in agreement with Dr. Linus Pauling and others, that diseases are a result of nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, you may replace an organ, but if the underlying cause of the issue continues, the replaced organ may also become susceptible to the same disease as the original organ. I believe first and foremost, everyone should take responsibility for their own health.

Brian Lathe

Monday, August 01, 2005

Laura Ingraham and the "Man Hug"

On a recent Laura Ingraham radio show, she talked about a concept called a "Man Hug". She introduced the topic stating a trend in current culture, that men are hugging more and more. She then asked callers to call in to the show to share in the discussion. She stated several times in requesting callers that she meant hugs between men other than family, which she often stated is "very cool".

Several men said they would never hug another man, for no reason whatsoever. One of her male co-hosts shared in that sentiment. Other callers stated that a hug between men is a common Christian greeting. Callers stated that men in other social circles also commonly used hugs in greetings.

Starting out with a negative tone toward the "Man Hug", Laura concluded that hugs between men are quite common.

All my life I have seen women hug each other. I personally do not have any problem with men who hug. I think a hug is a respectable behavior to display, even in public. And I believe everyone should participate. I do not think hugging is a display of homosexuality. Now if any public affection gets carried away, I think it is distasteful, even if it is being displayed by a married couple.

If a man feels uncomfortable in hugging another man, I do not have a problem with that. I'm not going to say that I feel I should hug every time I greet another man. Just as with anyone who may hug in a greeting, it is something you do with family, close friends. I'm also not so worried about my hugs, I'm not worried if I pat him twice or three times ("I'm not gay"), a hug is a hug, do it naturally.

For example, as I was introduced as a National Director at the "Come Alive in 2005" Eniva conference on Saturday, June 25th, and came down the runway under flags waving with cheers, applauds, handshakes, and hi fives, at the end Randy Allen and Bob Worman stood and I hugged them both before taking the stage. At the same event, many of us, male and female, hugged Dr. Benjamin and Andrew Baechler as we were recognized to take the stage for various awards. I would say the reason for these hugs fell among the close friends qualifier I stated above.

Brian Lathe