Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Squidoo, Brian's Newest Adventure

Hello Friends!

I have decided to start becoming a Squidoo Lensmaster. At this time, I have crafted three different lenses.

My highest ranked lens thus far is Brian's Awesome Home Businesses (BAHB), with a current ranking of 112,138. With this lens, I am going to promote the businesses I am currently active. My other lenses are Whole Food Liquid Nutritional Supplements (WFLNS) and The Truth About Mineral Nutrition (TTAMN). With WFLNS, I am going to showcase many different liquid products in the industry, some of which I promote as well as some of which I do not promote. I am also going to have a voting system where people can come by and vote on which products are their favorite. This lens is an experiment into an idea where I talk about my knowledge of this topic, but not only address the products I sell but others in the industry as well in efforts to build a more general audience to my writing. With TTAMN I aim to share my knowledge of angstrom sized water soluble minerals.

Current Squidoo Rankings:
BAHB 112,138
WFLNS 121,648
TTAMN 133,972

I plan to launch many more lenses in the near future. Hopefully some day I will be classified as a "Giant Squid" which is an elite classification among the community.

Brian Lathe