Sunday, November 30, 2008

MyBlogLog & Snapvine & Review...


I have found MyBlogLog to be an interesting blogging community. I now run several blogs here on blogger as I have divided my interests out into several blogs instead of trying to post everything into one blog. I really like how MyBlogLog puts its web gadget together and includes many things like links to popular social networking sites (which it calls 'services'), a bio, a picture, and a way to track followers. If you are technically inclined and put in a small piece of html code into your actual blog template, you can also get blog statistics through their service.


Snapvine allows you to create voice related gadgets for your website. You can set up voice comments, a voice blog, and an outgoing voice message. I used an outgoing voice message on one of my capture pages.

Review of a fellow blogger's article on Twitter

I recently wrote an article about Twitter and Twellow, and have since then discovered another interesting article on Twitter. I enjoy the ideas for using Twitter that the author has presented. In about 24 hours since posting my post, I've gained another 10 followers going up to 37 followers now on Twitter, without any further promotion besides setting up my initial Twellow post. Something is working!

Squidoo Update

Last week I worked hard on a new Squidoo lens about a Christian Musician named Mandisa. That lens has become my highest ranked lens to date. I started some other lens that are not yet complete, and also have a list of other new ideas. I am really excited about this adventure allowing me to use some of my writing and creative skills and hopefully getting some new notoriety on the web. I'm posting an update on my current rankings on finished lens. Only one of my lens dropped ranking and that lens, I did not work on in the past month. I'm abreviating the lens names here, for full details, please visit my lensmaster profile.

Lens NameOct RankNov Rank

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mandisa - From American Idol To Instant Fame

Because Mandisa has touched my life so much, I have made a website to tell the story of how I came to know about her. I've also listed a favorite song and youtube video voting system; a feed reader that posts recent news articles about her and a link to her myspace page. Please enjoy!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

MaxGXL Glutathione

A good friend of mine said that MaxGXL uses studies from another product to sell MaxGXL and also the method that MaxGXL uses to increase glutathione levels is the same method used in emergency rooms and it is not recommended for daily use in humans.