Sunday, August 07, 2005

Senator Bill Frist and Federal Funding of Stem Cell Research

Senator Bill Frist
Tennessee Senator Bill Frist is the Senator Majority Leader. Along with being a Republican politician, he is also a transplant surgeon. On August 1st, Mr. Frist stated he is for federal funding of stem cells, a stand that separates himself from President George W. Bush.

I personally am against federal funding of stem cell research for two reasons. Let me be extra clear on something. I am not against stem cell research. Neither is President George W. Bush and many other conservatives. There is a huge difference between stem cell research and federal funding of stem cell research.

Reason number one is a basic idea of why should the government solve all of society's problems? The government was designed to serve certain purposes. Why do we keep adding purposes to this list? Stem cell research can be done without federal funding. If you like stem cell research, find a way to fund it yourself. Do not ask the government to do it for you. Also, why should the U.S. government fund something that may only bring huge profits to the private sector some day.

Reason number two is a personal belief I have related to health and the treatment of disease. In choosing a controversial topic for my Ethics paper, I chose to write on the topic of Stem Cell Research. I had to discuss the pros and cons of the research and provide positive ways to continue the debate. The goal of the paper was not to talk about my thoughts alone, but to provide an objective look at both sides. I am for stem cell research. I believe we may find some very interesting things in studying them. Let's assume we can cure a variety of diseases through new technologies created through stem cell research. That would be a wonderfully great thing. I believe, however, in agreement with Dr. Linus Pauling and others, that diseases are a result of nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, you may replace an organ, but if the underlying cause of the issue continues, the replaced organ may also become susceptible to the same disease as the original organ. I believe first and foremost, everyone should take responsibility for their own health.

Brian Lathe

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