Thursday, September 01, 2005

President Bush has had two of the United States worst tragedies happen during his administration.

President Bush has had two of the worst tradgedies in United States history happen during his administration.


Anonymous said...

Fun Game: go to and type "miserable failure" into the search... just hit 'I'm Feeling Lucky' and enjoy the results.

Blathe... you really are a stupid fuck.

angiebaby said...

for the person whom said he was astupid fuck let me just say this ya dont know him the wayido kinda hard toputit towords just exactly how ifeelabout him hes one ofthe best guys ihaveever met he does treat methe way alady schould betreated thats just to name a few:)imglad inmorewaysthanone that ididmeet him notevery day u meet someonelikehim:)

smiles babes love ya