Friday, September 02, 2005

News Hounds Blog Site Banned Me

Free Speech? Nope. Not at Newshounds Forum.

In the last week, I have been posting with simply one profile name, blathe. I found the regulars at the forum to be quite rude and not very good at debate. So be careful of liberals, they must not like free speech.


ProV1 said...

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Brian Lathe said...

Hi Kelly: Thank you for your comment. However, I'm not very clear what you are saying?

KidHobo said...

I'm here you stupid fat fuck!

Brian Lathe said...

Here we have it. An example of one of the wonderful people you may find at Newshounds.

KidHobo said...

I wasted all this time registering so you know exactly what's up! First of all you know you're a closet fag, and yet you call others fags. Hmmm.... hypocracy? Ah, yeah. Are you a stupid fat fucking piece of shit? Yes. Did you go on to NewHounds and just start talkin' shit? Yes. Did you post comments saying: Die Die Die? Yes. Are you still a stupid fat fuck? Yes!

Yeah... and how many people have looked at you stupid shit? NONE! God you're the type of stupid 34 year old motherfucking cocksuck who still lives with his parents, or a block away, and all you can do is spew your stupid shit all over the net from behind a computer screen. Go back to playing D&D assfuck.

You didn't even have the fucking balls to engage me even ONCE you fucktard. That's right you cocksucking piece of shit. Do I sound venemous enough for you now? Good. Rot in hell you piece of shit.


KidHobo said...

Oh... you want more? Obviously you do. Oh high all mighty Christian worshipping assfucker... why would you use language like "fuck" in your posts then? Oh, I forgot... selective reading of the good book huh?

KidHobo said...

There's nothing wonderful about me fucker.

KidHobo said...

Oh... best thing you can throw out at me? You really want me to copy in all the shit you posted into NH?

Hmmm... cause the truth might hurt, won't it. Awe fuck it... let's start here for fun:

[ Goto page: 1, 2, 3 ] blathe
Yeah... that's the topic thread you fucking ass.

KidHobo said...

Want more?

Don't be FUCKING Surprised (116)
[ Goto page: 1, 2, 3, 4 ] blathe 683 Sep 02nd, 2005 9:44 pm
Brian Lathe
Here's another wonderful 'Christian' man talking on the net.

angiebaby said...

its stupid lil asswartslike kidhobo that are on

KidHobo said...

And I havn't even pulled any of the text from within the thread cocksucker. You CAN'T BACK YOURSELF UP vitamin salesman who flirts with men.

I'm gonna go now... when/if I come back you're pathetic fat ass better have a wonderful ego excuse for your sorry shit you stupid fuck. Yeah.. the people at NH might play nice... I DON'T!

So fuck off.

savage said...

You are one stupid mutherfucker
Keep it stupit, stupit.

Sandrose Network Administration said...

One hell of a blog here. Don't give up on it. What goes around comes around they say. What do you think. Let us know at :

KidHobo said...